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Anxiety is a normal human emotion and as such, is not a problem unless it interferes with daily living. However, feelings of worry and nervousness sometimes become intense and interrupt normal functioning. If this is happening to you, there are many quick and easy interventions that can help!

What is Anxiety really?

It is estimated that 15-25% of people experience difficulty with some form of anxiety. Some common types of anxiety include:

•Separation Anxiety

•Social Anxiety

•Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

•Performance Anxiety

•Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

•Panic Disorder

•Generalized Anxiety Disorder


•Selective Mutism

•Health Anxiety

These can all usually be treated without the use of medication. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has an 80% effectiveness rate and the use of medication only increases effectiveness by 10% in some cases. The therapeutic processes that work well with all forms of anxiety can be easily taught and learned.

If you are tired of anxiety robbing you of enjoyment and peace in your life, please contact us to learn very simple emotional regulation techniques. Anxiety is 100% curable and quickly can be eliminated with mental strategies such as externalizing, thought-stopping, desensitization, exposure, detective thinking, optimism, and relaxation.

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