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Our Team

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Susan Grinder

Founder of Charis Counselling

Registered Psychologist

Susan Grinder is a Registered Psychologist and owner of Charis Counselling Corporation. She has been practicing in the areas of anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and healthy relationship development using Cognitive Behavioral, Narrative, Solution-Focused, and other therapeutic modalities. Susan works with children, adults, couples, and families from a Client-Centered, Existential, and Jungian philosophy. She strives to assist with clients' holistic health via self-acceptance, healing, empowerment, and mastery. She is also a First Nations counselling services provider.

Keesha Sidhu

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Not Accepting New Clients

Keesha Sidhu is a former educator and a Registered Provisional Psychologist.

She uses a Client-Centered approach in her sessions and applies tools from Cognitive Behavioural, Narrative, and Trauma Therapy. Keesha also specializes in Mindfulness and aspires to help her clients grow authentically in a positive/ safe environment while remaining culturally sensitive. 

She has experience in counselling children, adolescents, families, and adults. 

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Kyneeshaw Brightley

MA in Counselling Psychology 

Kyneeshaw Brightley offers a non-judgmental, respectful, and collaborative environment for all individuals to find dignity and genuine care. Their perspective focuses on personal strengths and integrates a trauma-informed lens for all people-- including marginalized groups. To support each person's goals, Kyneeshaw utilizes tools from Client-Centered, Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT/ SFBT), Mindfulness, and Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS). Having been on the client-end of the therapeutic relationship, Kyneeshaw knows the importance of compassion and honesty. Therefore, they are committed to assisting clients in finding what they need and feeling empowered.

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Sabaria Ahmed

MA in Counselling Psychology

Sabaria offers a warm, welcoming, and judgement-free environment for clients to feel safe, understood, and be their authentic selves. She uses an individualized, integrative, and holistic Client-Centred approach to aid clients in healing, and growth. Also, Sabaria incorporates cultural sensitivity and intersectionality in her therapeutic interventions particularly with individuals who experience multiple social identities or marginalization. Sabaria possesses specialized expertise in working with diverse populations, marginalized individuals, youth, LGBTQIA2s+, survivors of domestic violence, individuals struggling with substance abuse, and anger management. She also supports clients with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, PTSD, etc. Collaborative relationships with clients is the goal with emotional regulation, communication, self-esteem, and accepting life transitions.

Sabaria is fluent in English, Urdu, and Punjabi.

Paitan Molde

MA in Counselling Psychology

I believe that each client presents with their own unique set of needs and concerns, and I work hard to determine the appropriate and necessary therapeutic process or intervention required. I strive to make the appropriate adaptions to each individual client, as we are all deserving of personalized, genuine, and empathic care. I believe my client is the expert of their own lives and experiences and I am there to provide gentle guidance, skills, and interventions to increase their ability to cope and increase trust in their inner strength.

I primarily practice from a Person-Centered approach. I also draw from Emotion Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy, making appropriate adjustments based on each client’s needs. Additionally, I incorporate trauma-informed practices into my work. I believe there is great value in taking healing from a self-compassion and holistic approach. I provide individual counselling to teens, adolescence, and adults. 

Charis Counselling

Ronna Gloria

Meditation Group Leader

Charis Counselling’s Drop-in Meditation Meeting Starts Soon!


Starting June 6, 2023, every Tuesday 12 to 1 pm – Cost: $15 


Ronna Gloria, a certified Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Nutritionist, and Energy Worker is offering special meditation meetings to benefit your overall well-being and daily life. She has applied these techniques to her own life experiences to find healing, recovery, and daily tools for living a more integrated life. This meditation circle involves creating a safe container to explore the development and use of a meditative seat. We will apply somatic applications to strengthen our connections to body, breath, and mind, while creating comfort within our environments. This will stimulate rest, digestion, release of tension, and awareness. Each time we gather will build upon the growing familiarity of the state of meditation. 

Charis Counselling

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